Artist Statement


Lola Scarpitta is a third generation artist. Both her grandfather and her father, have been firmly entrenched in the global art world for almost a century. Her grandfather, Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta was an acclaimed Los Angeles sculptor whose most important works include the bas-reliefs for the facades of the Los Angeles Stock Exchange and the Los Angeles County General Hospital. He is also known for the life-size sculpture of Marlene Dietrich, who posed nude in his Hollywood studio. That sculpture appeared in the Paramount/Dietrich classic film 'The Song of Songs' in the 1930's.

Scarpitta's father is Salvatore Scarpitta, famed New York artist who was represented since 1958 by the world's foremost modern art dealer Leo Castelli, alongside Pop stars-in-the-making Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol.

Born in Rome, Italy but raised in Greenwich Village, Lola grew up in the backdrop of the New York City art scene of the 1960's and 1970's. Her parent's studios were her classrooms and the galleries of New York City were her playgrounds. It was in this environment that Scarpitta formed her ideas about painting. The pop art that was around her influenced greatly the sense of irony and storytelling in her work. Scarpitta's love of art history is also seen in her work in the many paintings that are a sort of visual play on the great paintings of the Renaissance,19th and 20th century art movements. "The art anarchy that was around me in childhood nourished the go against the grain mentality in me. I never feel the need to go with flow and with the movements of the present. And that gives me a greater liberty, which is the greatest gift from my unique upbringing".

Scarpitta has exhibited in the UCLA Gallery, Art In Action Gallery, the Self Help Graphics Gallery, Cactus Gallery, Workmen's Circle Gallery, Phantom Gallery, Echo Gallery, Pico House Gallery and has been a featured artist at NoHo Gallery L.A., 2ND City Council Gallery as well as the Museum of Latin American Art in Miami. Her work has also been featured on Art, Downtown L.A Life Magazine, The Studio City Sun and The Long Beach Press Telegram. Scarpitta majored in both fine art and art history and studied under noted painter, Lois Dodd at Brooklyn College, CUNY.