Artist Statement


"Art is about the spirit. It's one of the things that unites humanity as a whole. It has a universal language that we all can speak. So in that regard, I try to speak my voice in the work I make. The very personal facts that make me who I am, good or bad, I try to show in my paintings. The ideal is to do your work with the knowledge that you have added something of yourself to your work which makes the viewer realize a truth. You make your own road and you draw your own map. The viewer then takes that journey with you and arrives at their own destination. Painting is my mode of transportation. I see the strange ironies in life and put them in the work. The social commentary is just one of the layers that I put in the paintings. Sometimes it's nothing more than the beauty or strangeness of the narrative that intrigues me. Part of the magic of painting is the different emotions and thinking that it evokes in each person. Usually, the establishment is threatened by artists because we can be a very sneaky bunch. We can do one thing and mean another. We can cause people to question and to ask questions. Art is a dangerous journey at times but the outcome is sublime when one has the tenacity to see it through."